Reading Homework
Reading daily is crucial in helping your child practice and master reading skills and techniques that are taught and used daily in the classroom. Please set aside 20 minutes a day to sit by your child and listen to them read. After reading, write the number of minutes your child read in the "Reading Log" box located directly above the parent signature box at the bottom of your child's agenda. Reading daily will make your student a more proficient reader. Students may occasionally be asked to answer a question that corresponds with their reading.
Handwriting Homework
This year we will learn how to write in cursive. Working on handwriting is another daily task that should be practiced at home with your child. You can use dry erase boards, sheet protectors, workbook practice sheets, apps, etc. to make this more fun and engaging for your child. Eventually students will write words and sentences in cursive. Note: Letters WILL NOT be taught in alphabetical order. Please watch your child as they write to confirm they are forming the letters correctly in both print and cursive. (See attachments for resources. Please practice print letters first before trying to learn cursive.)
Spelling Practice 
Students should practice spelling skills and patterns while reading and in isolation (single words). Your child can practice with books they are reading and any print they come in contact with (signs while driving down the road, recipes, cereal boxes, comics, grocery lists, etc). Students may also use their spelling words. Optional spelling activities can be located on the choice board.
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