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Carpenter’s School Hours

What are Carpenter's School Arrival and Dismissal Times?

Mornings are an important time at Carpenter, and your child's morning very often sets the tone for his or her entire day. You can get your child's day off to a great start by getting up in plenty of time to be organized and on time for the school day. Be sure to have lunch or lunch money, papers signed, and bring supplies, projects and completed homework. Many parents and children find it extremely helpful to get organized the night before.
The foyer and office doors open at 7:15 AM; however, students are asked to report to the following locations.
7:05 AM Cafeteria and breakfast line opens.
7:15 AM K, 1st, and 2nd graders report to the gym;
3rd, 4th, and 5th graders report to the cafeteria;

7:25 AM Breakfast line closes.
7:25 AM Bell rings and students report to classrooms.
7:40 AM Bell rings to announce the start of class.
Students are tardy when not in class at 7:40 AM.
All outside doors close at precisely 7:38 am.
Students arriving after 7:38 AM must enter and sign in at the office.
It's important that students are in class every minute of every school day. Whenever possible, please limit interruptions by planning appointments for after the school day and waiting until school holidays to take vacations. If you find it necessary to check your child out of school early, come to the front office and bring your driver's license for identification. Be aware that due to the dismissal schedule, we are unable to check a student, call classrooms, or deliver messages after 2:15 pm. Please plan accordingly.
Dismissal of school is handled in a timely and organized fashion. However, we do have many children to dismiss in a relatively short period of time, so your cooperation is imperative. Once you establish your child's normal method of going home, any changes in transportation must be made in writing by a parent. The dismissal schedule is as follows:

Dismissal time is 3:00 pm.