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Terri Ann Goodwin - Music Teacher

For technical help, please call 832.668.7450 Mon-Thur, 8am-8pm and Fri 8am-3:30pm or email

Virtual Music Lessons are found through each student's Class Link account. 
Quaver is our official Music program. 
1) Login Class link:
[backwards initials and lunch number]
Password: birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
2) Find Quaver app Quaver - Mrs. Moore's Music Class and touch to select
3) Select the Assignments circle with the A+A+ With Circle in Red Illustration
Daily Class Schedule in person
All Clubs
Choir /ukulele/recorder
7:30-8:00 Duty
8:00-8:25 / 8:25-8:50 5th Grade A / B
8:50-9:15 / 9:15-9:40 4th Grade A / B
9:40-10:05 / 10:05-10:30 3rd Grade A / B
Conference/Lunch - Available for Parents through email or phone   
11:50-12:15 / 12:15-12:40 1st Grade A / B
12:40-1:05 / 1:05-1:30 Kindergarten A / B
1:30-1:55 / 1:55-2:20 2nd Grade A / B
2:20-2:45 PLC rotating schedule
2:45-3:15 Duty
3:15-4:00 Teacher meetings Wednesdays/ ASL Thursdays
I can't wait to help you learn all about music.  We have so much fun here at Carpenter Elementary.  hi
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