Thank you to all the families who provided a donation of socks to Clothed by Faith here in Deer Park. If you are cleaning out your closets this summer, please consider gently used clothes for adults and children to this fabulous organization located in the back of Deer Park Baptist Church.
Deer Park ISD, in cooperation with other surrounding districts, is offering an important information session in regards to the dangers of Fentanyl and how it affects our children and families. A light dinner is provided, if you register by April 12th.

talking to children about violence 2021

Excerpt from Stephen Harrell, Superintendent of Schools email to parents...
With the overwhelming news coverage of yesterday’s tragic events, it is possible that your child might share concerns with you.  You are in a unique position to provide reassurance and calm during a stressful time.  To support your efforts, I am including a one-page document provided by the National Association of School Psychologists.  It provides a brief yet comprehensive list of ways to comfort your child.
Here’s a great resource from the Texas Education Agency in regards to handling managing behaviors at home.

Positive Self-Talk

Today we're talking about... talking to yourself. Be kind to yourself! Using your kind words when we think inside our head is just as important as using kind words when we talk to others. Click on the link below to complete the Flipgrid activity. Remember the Password is CarpenterCats.