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Meet Mrs. Alvarado!

Robinel Alvarado
Music Teacher K-5
Office Hours:  available for parents through email or phone: Mon-Thurs, Conference Period/Lunch: 10:30-11:50am
For technical help, please call 832-668-7450 Mon-Thurs, 8am -8pm and Fri 8am - 3:30 pm
Virtual Music Lessons are found through each student's Class Link account. 
Quaver is our official Music program. 
1) Login Class link:
[backwards initials and lunch number]
Password: birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
2) Find Quaver app Quaver - Mrs. Moore's Music Class and touch to select
3) Select the Assignments circle with the A+A+ With Circle in Red Illustration
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to Meet Mrs. Alvarado
My name is Robinel Alvarado.  I have been teaching elementary music for more than 22 years and still loving it!  I earned a master's degree in music education from Lamar University as well as other certifications from accredited universities in order to improve my teaching style.
I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary this Summer.  My husband and I have a nine year old son who keeps us actively involved in his educational journey.  He is our pride and joy!
When I'm not teaching at Carpenter, I spend time playing my trombone horn with our church's orchestra.  I also love to garden and tend to my plants outside.  I love to sing and write parodies for special people in my life.  I also love to sew, and craft items for my classroom using my Cricut machine.  If it's creative, I'm doing it!
Meet Your Music Teachers
We are going to be your music teachers.
We can't wait to start this new school year.
My name is Mrs. Alvarado.
And my name is Mrs. Goodwin.
During this time of remote learning,
you will receive lessons from each of us.
Sometimes they will come from Mrs. Goodwin,
and other times they will be from Alvarado.
Music Schedule:
(face to face)
All Clubs
Choir / Ukulele / Recorder
7:30-8:00 Morning Duty
8:00-8:25 / 8:25-8:50 5th Grade A / B
8:50-9:15 / 9:15-9:40 4th Grade A / B
9:40-10:05 / 10:05-10:30 3rd Grade A / B
Conference/Lunch 10:30 - 11:50
11:50-12:15 / 12:15-12:40 1st Grade A / B
12:40-1:05 / 1:05-1:30 Kindergarten A / B
1:30-1:55 / 1:55-2:20 2nd Grade A / B
2:20-2:45 PLC rotating schedule
2:45-3:15 Duty
3:15-4:00 Teacher meetings Wednesdays/ ASL Thursdays
"Six Feet Apart" parody video
Written by Mrs. Alvarado and Mrs. Goodwin
Carpenter Music Teachers Rock!
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I cannot wait to see you at Carpenter!  We will have a lot of fun making music together as a team!

“Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.”― Sergei Rachmaninov